Virtual Pathfinder

First Impressions

The night was dark as we moved along through the most creepy buriel site I have ever seen. Not that I prefer to go and visit them anyway but this time it is with a sad feeling as my friend and collegue has made a sudden and ‘’ accidental ’’ death. He was always delving into things that would strike fear into the hearts of most men but that is what got me to work for him after all Knowledge is the key to everlasting power ‘’ And knowing when to run away ’’ After all being as short as I am I need to get a head start you know! Oh here I go again rambling on. As if this night was not already morbid a mob decided to gather and not allow our friend to be buried in the cemetary because he was a necromancer He was the most kind man and always did good for the people of his city… And this is how they repay him? I perhaps wonder if this is why I am exactly here.. to do my part of making the large mobs go back to there homes so his daughter to mourn in silence. So I stepped fowards and puffed out my mighty chest Coughs And in the eloquent words of ‘’ Go Home before the big man with a real weapon decides to smite thee…’’ Of course I said more words and was more polite about it but that is what I meant in general. So after that little incident we burried our friend and went back his home for the reading of the Will. The person reading it showed exactly on time but made a comment about hating outsiders… Lovely.. He seemed suspicious but to me everyone does. We then began to hear about the problems and ooooh boy are they a doozy… Seems it was not a accidental death but most likely a murder… And a cult named the whispering way is behind it… And then there is this Ruins of a Prison that housed some notorious villans there… With names befitting them being horrible and vile… Perhaps sometime they will have cute names like Buttercup or Sunbeam… But I degress…So we split up and went to go check out some places of interest…Only thing I got was a visit from the Creepiest Children I have ever met.. Singing a Creepy song… It took me for a bit of a fright it did… And on the way out when I asked them about it… It got even more scary… They expected me to play with them… I have heard many horror stories of kids that were not right in the head… So I quickly dodged there feeble attempt to kill me and made my way back to the house… Then we all gathered to go back to the creepy graveyard of doom… To… Delve into a Crypt… What a fun and joyous occasion. This is exactly what I was looking for…I just hope there is not any snakes… I hate snakes…



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